Coaching Drives Performance

Driving Performance

Einstein was right- insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.Yet we find many businesses continue this trend without even realising it. Or, we find organisations bring in a series of diverse initiatives without realising the potential problems this can cause for the business as a whole.

15Dd offers a different approach

A partnership between three highly successful business and consulting professionals, 15Dd was formed to combine their skill sets into one cohesive offering for a range of businesses.

Our expertise can help businesses find the right solutions to problems with people, processes and specific commercial issues. We are committed to leaving our clients with enhanced capability which is why we also offer training courses and offer coaching support for clients to generate their own solutions.

Importantly, we work with you and your people to support and implement changes in a sustainable way to deliver real business results. As practised coaches, each one of our team will ensure that you are guided through the improvements with expert support always on hand.

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